Advance Hitech Textile Int’l Corp
Since 1970, a completed textile supply chain has aggregated factories in Central Taiwan. Well-known international brands such as Nike, Addidas, Puma and New Balance etc. has been established their R&D office in Central Taiwan for the advantages of variety of industry, convenient locations and cost.
In last decades, Taiwan area has no more comparably low labor cost advantage. While some Taiwan factories decided to move factories overseas or close their business, the others in Taiwan have adjusted their company strategies to increase their product competitiveness by R&D innovation and enhance the efficiency and quality by lean production process. Shing Fu Textile Tech.(SFTT), the parent company of Advance, is renowned with a completed production facilities from weaving, dying to process and specialized fabric supplier to famous brands. On the basis of long-term production experiences in Synthetic Fiber as Nylon and Polyester, SFTT separates Advance to better respond to customer need and focus on global customer sales service.
Except of SFTT support, Advance strength also extends to R&D development with foreign companies and TTRI (Taiwan Textile Research Institute). We also have an experienced sales team to integrate the resource in supply chain and create the customized solution to serve our customers in terms of in-time response and delivery need. Hopefully, we can be the best partner with speed, expertise and efficiency in respect of functional fabrics and industrial fabrics.