Our Products

The parent of Advance Hitech Textile Intl. Corp. is Shing Fu Textile Technology who has sophisticated technology good at weaving and dyeing and successful development of small single denier from 15D to 40D lightweight fabrics. Additionally, we also have the ability to integrate quickly resources in order to provide consistent quality and fast delivery of the lightweight fabric and a series of processed products.
Light Weight Fabric

By delicate finishing process, lightweight fabric can possess the features of delicate hand feel and luster surface as well as the functions of wind proof, down proof, water proof, snow repellence, fire retardant. We may design fabric upon customer requests with multi-functionalities.


Eco-Friendly Fabric

The concept is developed from “Green” idea of sustainable living and environmental protection. The inputs are considered from the original yarn down to the finish process with PET and nylon recycle yarn, disposable PP yarn or DOPE DYE , no toxin dyeing and finish process......... 

Functional Apparel Fabric

Nylon Fabric:
With nylon FDY, DTY , ATY ,from 15Dto 3000D plain, dobby, jacquard fabric, we offer the completed nylon textile and fabric can be comfortable and functional with wicking、anti bacteria, anti-odor、anti-UV, anti- insect ,etc.

Technical Fabric

Pack Bag and Luggage fabric, Home Textile,Stroller Fabric,Foot Wear Fabric,Umbrella, Awning, Boat Cover..