Nylon Fabric
With nylon FDY, DTY , ATY ,from 15Dto 3000D plain, dobby, jacquard fabric, we offer the completed nylon textile and fabric can be comfortable and functional with wicking、anti bacteria, anti-odor、anti-UV, anti- insect ,etc.

Application : heavy bike suites, mountain suits, beach pant, golf suits, sports wear and casual wear

  Water-Proof and Breathable Fabric
The 2 layers, 2.5 layers and 3 layers lightweight hard shell and soft shell fabric apply with Fine Denier fabric and stretchable with finish process of lamination and coating. This can reach the level of water proof 20,000mm-H2O, moisture vapor transmission 20000 g/㎡ /24h (JIS 1099B1)

Application : snow coat, mountain coat, wind coat, work suit and bike jacket.

 Stretchable and Double Layer fabric  
The wear comfort can be used with lightweight 4 way  stretchable textile or special double layer textile by the finishing process of wicking, coating and lamination ,water repellent , anti UV..。

Application : sports wear, sport casual coat, mountain shirt and pants